On the issue of thrombophilia prevention in the course of anticoagulant therapy

On the issue of thrombophilia <a href=prevention in the course of anticoagulant therapy">

It has been shown the mechanisms of action of direct and indirect anticoagulants and proved the feasibility of pentosanpolysulphate using in prevention of arterial, venous thrombosis and thrombophilia. It also presented our moderate experience of pentosanpolysulphate using for the prevention of thrombotic complications in postoperative abdominal surgery patients.

We conducted in one of the surgical clinics in Kiev an assessment of 31 patients receiving intramuscular Pentosan polysulfate injections at a dose of 50 mg 2 times daily (100 mg) over a 7-day postoperative period for thromboembolic complications prophylaxis with the following prolongation of antithrombotic therapy with peroral administration of the ...

Источник: “http://www.mif-ua.com/archive/article/40245”

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